20 methods to earn money by searching the web in 2022

20 methods to earn money by searching the web in 2022

Doing what you love and getting paid for it is fun.

I’m looking for an online life. Now, in addition to my salary, I get paid for doing my job literally.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

You can join me and give it a try. You can get anything, including the chance to earn up to $ 3,000 a month.

Come on, we’ll show you how to make surfing the web great.

20 ways to make money by searching the web

# 1 Qmee

With Qmee you can search the internet and make nice money.

Look how it works

On the left side of the screen, Qmee displays various search results. Just click on the result you are interested in and you will make money in your Piggyvest. You earn money, not points.

All you have to do is download the Qmee viewer and start making money searching the web.

# 2 Miracle

Wonder provides subscribers with inquiries from its customers. All you have to do is find the best answers and cite the source. And you get paid for it.

After registration, you will be asked to perform a sample search. Your results will determine whether or not you are approved.

You can earn anywhere from $ 8 to $ 35 for each question, depending on the difficulty of the question.

In principle, you will be paid for searching on the Internet via Paypal.

# 3 Microsoft Award

This was formerly known as the Bing Awards. Bing is considered Google’s main competitor, even though it owns only 20% of searches.

To entice users, he created an award where you just need to register and start searching on Bing.

For each search you perform, you earn points that can be exchanged for rewards, such as gift cards, raffle contributions, donations to nonprofits, and more.

You will receive 1 credit for 2 searches, 15 credits for a computer and 10 credits for a mobile phone per day.

# 4 Raiders

You probably already know that swagbucks pays for polls, videos and polls. Did you know that you can also get paid for web searches?

Set Swagbucks as your default browser and get paid when searching the internet.

However, you will need a mobile app or browser extension to see your earnings.

You can redeem your points using PayPal or gift cards. 1 SB has a value of around $ 0.01.

# 5 iRazoo

With iRazoo you will earn anywhere from 0.025 to $ 0.04 per search. You earn points for polls, videos, assignments and yes – by searching the internet!

You can choose money or a gift card on their website.

# 6 InboxDollars

You can use it directly from their website or download the application.

One of the reasons people prefer this platform is that they will send you a check in the mail when you decide to resign. But it must be at least $ 30.

Their payout of $ 0.05 to $ 0.25 per day may be small, but the platform is quite reliable.

Plus, you make real money, not points.

# 7 Surveys On On

While you pay with PayPal and gift cards, you will not search the internet. Instead, you will conduct surveys and shop online. This is another form of web search.

# 8 GiftHulk

It works similarly in Swagbucks and iRazoo, where you do various jobs online. But the lowest is true.

For example, 1,000 HulkCoins is $ 1 and the lowest payout for a gift card is $ 5.

The web search bar is limited to one hour a day.

# 9 CashCrate

With CashCrate, you make money searching the web, participating in surveys, shopping and much more.

However, the web is searched only ten times a day. You get $ 0.01 for each search.

Once you withdraw at least $ 20, CashCrate will mail you a check each month.

# 10 Wikikup

When you’re looking for a new item on the Internet, be it shoes or bags, Wikibuy works in the background and gets your free gift card.

Wikibuy is a browser extension that finds coupon rates. Thanks to him, you buy things at a lower price.

# 11 Honey

Honey will search the internet on your behalf to find the best prices for your purchases.

Like Wikibuy, Honey can help you find coupon codes and redeem them at checkout.

So when you shop online, the browser extension will find all the best deals, promotional codes and savings and will even help you get discounts on Amazon!

# 12 MobileXpression

This market research application only gives you credit for its installation. You basically pay to use your phone and search the internet as usual.

Just join the panel and get rewards.

The panel is designed to study the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile Internet. You can earn cash and gift cards.

# 13 small jobs

You get paid for small jobs on the internet, such as filling out offers, watching videos, and completing surveys.

Instead of cash, you can get a gift card from Amazon, Steam Wallet and Robux.

# 14 Earn points

Grabpoint pays for: watching movies, downloading apps, filling out quotes, and filling out surveys.

Your earnings will be sent to your PayPakonto. You can also get a gift card to places like Amazon.

# 15 1Q

Have you answered simple 1Q questions for free online? Thanks to the 1Q application, you can make money on it.

For each question you answer, you will receive $ 0.25. The money can be deposited into a Paypal account.

# 16 instaGC

This is another application that pays for internet searches. In addition, you can get paid for completing surveys, watching videos and shopping online.

Your earnings are exchanged for gift cards.

# 17 Smart Panel

Join a team of technical users who are basically researching the application and turning their data into extra money.

# 18 Cash Fusion

This application gives you the opportunity to make money by searching the web using their search engine.

You can also get paid for watching videos, completing surveys and more.

Pays via direct payment and paypal. However, the payment limit is $ 25.

# 19 Become a search engine evaluator

This is another job that pays more than all the others mentioned in this post. As is the tradition in this post, we have reserved the best for the end.

Assessors work from home as independent contractors and usually earn between $ 12 and $ 15 per hour.

The evaluator’s common job is to evaluate results from sites like Google and Bing. You will also check that they are relevant and useful and that they comply with the site’s guidelines.

Some platforms where evaluator jobs can be obtained include Appen, Lionbridge and others.

# 20 Nielsen Computer and mobile panel

Nielsen is a well-known market research company. One way to make passive money online is to install a browser extension.

After installing the browser, browse the Internet as usual.

You participate in a raffle every month. Nielsen pays users $ 10,000,400 each month.

Don’t you think you will be a lucky winner? You’ll be pleased to know that you can receive $ 50 in cash each year just by installing a browser extension.

This is one of our best ways to make money searching the web and the internet. We kept it for the last time!


You can make a living by searching the web for a combination of the many platforms we mentioned in this post. Believe me, you can earn more per month than some of your 9-5 friends.

But take it as a side rush and make a lot of money at the end of the month.