15 Best Author’s Websites 2022 | Complete Guide to Creation

15 Best Author’s Websites 2022 | Complete Guide to Creation

As an author, you need inspiration to create a great authoring website to take your work to the next level.

To create an interesting site that will ensure your success, you need to visit the sites of other authors.

In this article, you will find examples of authoring sites that you can follow when creating a functional site for creating your work.

This article also provides answers to frequently asked questions that will make creating your own original site hassle-free.

What should an author put on the web?

The author should provide basic information about himself and his world on the web.

You should include content that readers will not find anywhere else.

Here is the content you can put on your site:

  • Author bio
  • Information about books
  • Blog
  • Contact informations
  • Media page
  • Excerpts from your work
  • Read manuals for your work
  • Media page

What is the best site for writing?

A writing website is a great source of information that you, as an author, should have in your toolbar.

When writing on the web, you can find resources ranging from creative writing to publishing guidelines.

There is no universal size. What makes web writing the best is to have high quality advice to help your job reach its full potential.

Website writing gives you specific tips on how to use literary techniques when writing.

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Do authors need a website?

Yes, authors need a website. We are in the information age. And if you want your audience and potential publishers to know about you and your work, you need a working website.

A fully functional website would serve as public relations for you and your work.

How to create an original website? | Complete guide

Creating an original site consists of 6 steps

1. Select a domain name

Build your authoring platform around your name. This is important because you will not choose a domain name for each of your other jobs.

And if your name isn’t available, choose something close to your name that your audience or potential publishers will easily find.

2. Register with a web host

Choose web hosting with great cheap products and first-class services.

They should also make it easier to install and operate your site.

3. Select the appropriate platform

There are several platforms to choose from. However, WordPress stands out from the rest.

You have access to free plugins to add personalized features to your site.

In addition, you have access to thousands of themes to customize the look of your site.

There is someone who can help you if you have serious problems with your site.

4. Select the author’s page theme

WordPress makes it easy to change the look of your site. Install web themes appropriate for your site and customize them to your liking.

5. Add your content

Add everything your audience and potential publishers need to know about you and your work.

Make the purchase easier on the buyer on your website.

6. Customize your plugins.

Add functionality and customization to your site with available plugins.

5 templates for creating your own website

1. Tea

This template contains amazing graphics and features that make it stand out. It is completely responsive and adapts to all screens of your device.

Great for audiobooks, 3D animated books and promotional content.

2. Odrin

It includes a book preview feature that allows readers to read snippets and samples of your book.

This is a design suitable for business and support for multiple authors. You can use it as a freelance writer or publisher.

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3. Book covers

This template is primarily intended for book publishers and bookstore owners.

It is marketing friendly and includes features specifically designed for e-commerce.

4. Novel

It is designed to sell your books and their most fashionable preview.

This template has a clean and minimalist design.

5. Bookstore and library

This author’s website template can also be used as an e-library.

It’s ready for e-commerce, which means you can easily sell your books on your own.

15 best author sites in 2022

1. www.mariafelipe.org

Maria Felipe writes about happiness. It uses a professional image on the part of the page visible on the screen combined with a clear call to action.

There is social evidence.

This is a website you can visit where you will find nice colors, a clear call to action and dominant images.

2. www.napisanebydavid.com

You can visit this website and see the unique typography and “about me” section.

It has a unique website design.

This page is a proprietary conversion page.

This is a great site with great pictures and nice colors.

4. www.samanthaaltea.com

Samantha Altea is a writer, lyricist, journalist and writer.

The site has a fun design, a unique style and a bold and strong design.

5. www.judymoody.com

Judy Moody runs a website for children’s book authors.

The menu is placed around the main character, which makes the site unique and engaging.

You can visit for inspiration for a fun design that is perfect for your target audience, and a bold and powerful design.

6. www.whoisamy.com

Need inspiration for fun design, fun typography and a unique website?

You should visit this page.

7. www.davidsedarisbooks.com

David Sedaris focuses on the target group, “who likes to read.”

The site has a clean design, lots of white space and great structure.

8. www.bradthor.com

This amazing author’s site is full of compelling calls to action and personal images.

It has a clean look, great emphasis on conversions and great photos.

9. www.jkrowling.com

JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, should also be on the list.

The website has a unique design. It has a simple but effective design.

Visit for inspiration.

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10. www.sandrabrown.net

Sandra Brown understands the power of personal branding.

The author’s site has many gaps and a clear call to action in the part of the page visible on the screen.

These nice and large pictures of the author help the visitor to connect.

10. www.spilledink.pl

Nicole Laidler focuses on turning site visitors into paying customers.

There is a lot of white space on the site and a clear call to action.

The pictures make the design more personal.

If it’s your inspiration, visit.

10. www.jakeknapp.com

Jake Knapp is the inventor of Design Sprint. He has written 2 books, Sprint and Make Time.

The website has a simple but effective design.

Jake shows great social evidence by displaying the “as seen” logo.

There are many white spaces on the page.

10. www.erinedits.com

Erin Edits is a great author’s website for a text editor. He is full of powerful copywriting.

There is a clear call to action at the bottom of the page.

If you want to get more writing customers, please see this page.

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10. www.francescaerritella.com

The author’s page has an engaging background image.

It has plenty of white space and a clear call to action throughout the design.

You can visit your author’s website for inspiration.


David Bach is a bestseller author for the New York Times, who has written another 10 bestsellers.

There are 19 million books in print and translation into more than 7 languages.

This site is a professional authoring site based on conversions.

David put a lot of social evidence on his website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the author’s page?

This is your primary website, where your readers learn about you and your work.

What makes a good original site?

It enables communication between the author and his readers.

Does the author need a website?

Yes, the author needs a website dedicated to his work.

Does an unpublished author need a website?

Yes, an unpublished author needs a website. It is an essential part of her online presence.

How to create an original website for free?

You can use any of them to create an author’s site.


There is no point in reinventing the wheel. The above authoring sites should inspire you to create a great authoring website for your work.