Earn money from Amazon MTurk

Earn money from Amazon MTurk

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for performing virtual tasks requiring human intelligence. The Mechanical Turk service gives businesses access to a diverse and scalable workforce on demand, giving workers a choice of thousands of tasks to perform at their convenience.

Amazon Mechanical Turk was built because we know there are many things humans do more efficiently than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, deduplicating, transcribing recordings audio or checking data details. Customers who request it can submit these tasks to Turk Mechanic work team. Traditionally, these tasks have been accomplished by hiring a large amount of temporary labor (which is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to expand) or have been eliminated.

Where does the name Mechanical Turk come from?

In 1769, a Hungarian nobleman Wolfgang von Kempelen stunned Europe with a mechanical chess-playing robot that defeated almost every opponent it encountered. Life-size wooden doll, adorned with a fur-trimmed robe and turban, Kimblin’s “Turk” sat behind a cupboard and toured Europe, baffled by such illustrious rivals as Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon. Bonaparte. To impress a skeptical audience, Kempelen will open the cabinet doors to reveal the intricate array of gears, cogs and springs that supported his invention. He convinced them that he had built a decision-making machine using artificial intelligence. What they didn’t know was the secret of the Mechanical Turk: a cleverly hidden chess master.

What is multiplication?

The human intelligence task, or HIT, is a question that requires an answer. HIT is a single, independent virtual task that a worker can work on, send a response to, and collect a reward for its completion. HITs are created by asking customers to complete them by customers.

How to create a worker account on MTurk?

Click the “Get Started with Amazon Mechanical Turk” link in the upper right corner of the worker’s website to complete the account application.Additionally, you will be asked to agree to the Amazon Mechanical Turk Participant Agreement and provide your country of residence. We will review your account request and email you the outcome within 3 business days.

Where can I see and change my name, email address and password?

You can view and edit your account information by accessing the Account Settings page. Your MTurk Worker account is linked to your Amazon.com account, so you will be redirected to Amazon.com to change your name, email address and password.

If your country of residence is the United States. Where can you view and edit your contact address and bank account information?

You can view and edit your contact address through Amazon Payments. You can change your bank account information.

If your country of residence is outside the United States. Where can you view and edit my contact address and bank account information?

You can view and edit your contact address on Amazon.com. If you have the ability to transfer your earnings to your local bank account, you can edit your bank account information.

Work on HITs


To work on HIT, log on to the worker website and visit the HITs page. There you will see the list of strikes for which you are eligible. Click the “Accept and Act” button of the HIT you want to work on. Complete the HIT as instructed by the applicant, then click the Submit HIT button. After you submit your results for HIT, another similar HIT will be presented to you for acceptance.

Who creates HITs and how are they created?

Forerunners have great control over the content and design of their own hits. In some cases, HIT numbers generated by applicants may be hosted externally on their own servers rather than on systems operated by the Amazon Mechanical Turk. Since MTurk is not directly involved in creating HITs posted by applicants, you should always take steps to protect yourself from scams and phishing attempts. For example, do not respond to HITs that ask you to provide your email address, password or other personal data. When MTurk asks for your Amazon login information, your browser URL ends with amazon.com. If HIT appears to the applicant to be suspicious or in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, please use the “Report this strike” link on the HIT overview page or the HIT page itself and select “Policy Violation” to report it.

How are HITs approved?

Applicants determine whether they will approve your work and pay you within 30 days of submitting the Human Intelligence (HIT) assignments. Amazon Mechanical Turk does not specify whether it will approve or reject HITs, nor does it specify when HITs will be approved. Accurate completion of HITs will help ensure that applicants are willing to continue working with them. Read the instructions carefully, answer the HITs accurately, and prepare the HITs you cannot complete correctly, to build a positive reputation as an agent. Keep in mind that returned HITs will not affect your ranking.

If you have any questions about HIT content or approval status, you can contact the submitter directly.

How long should I be on HIT?

Applicants can select the “time allotted” for the HIT or how long the worker can hold it. Once the worker accepts the HIT, the timer starts counting down the time allotted to him. This counter is visible to the worker on the worker’s website. When the timer reaches the allotted time for HIT, the HIT is made available for other workers to accept and work on. This ensures that the work is completed within a reasonable time.

Why is the number of movements I can do each day limited?

Amazon Mechanical Turk limits the number of HITs workers may perform per day in order to address behavior that violates the sharing agreement, including, for example, using robots, scripts, or other automated methods to perform HITs and ensuring that workers exercise their independent human judgment in completing Hitting strikes.

My job was rejected, what should I do?

The applicant may reject your work if they believe the answer is incorrect, the HIT was not completed correctly, or the instructions were not followed. If you believe that your work has been rejected in error, you may choose to contact the applicant directly.

You can contact the applicant by following these steps:
Go to the HITs page on the worker’s website and look for the HITs that contain the name of the applicant.
Click on the respective HIT address.
At the bottom right of the box, click Contact this strike applicant.
Enter your question on HIT and submit it.
Your name and email address will be provided to the claimant upon submission of the HIT Claimant Contact form. After sending your message, it may take a few days for them to receive a response. Some callers don’t monitor their messages every day.

Can I reuse the HIT responses I send to applicants for other purposes?

no. Any work product that you submit in response to HIT on MTurk is the property of the applicant.

How can I use HIT content posted by requesters?

You can only use HIT content posted by requesters to complete HIT. Do not share HIT Content (or your response) with anyone other than the applicant, or with MTurk to report abuse.

How do I report a HIT violating Amazon Mechanical Turk policies?

If you see HIT in violation of the Amazon Mechanical Turk Participant Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy, please report to HIT by clicking the “Report this strike” link so we can investigate.

Do I need to secure my computer when using Amazon Mechanical Turk?

When you complete HITs on the Amazon Mechanical Turk, you go online to perform work for applicants who may not be from Amazon. We recommend that you secure your computer with the latest operating system security updates and antivirus software, update your browser and plug-ins to the latest versions, and be careful when directed to other websites or when asked to download a program.

They get paid

How will I paid?

When the applicant approves the submitted HIT, the Amazon Mechanical Turk account automatically displays your earnings on the dashboard and revenue pages.

All payments will be in US dollars or Amazon.com gift cards.

You will be able to schedule a fund transfer from your available income balance by visiting your Account Settings page. Your earnings will be automatically transferred to your preferred payment method according to the schedule you have selected.

As a safety precaution, if you are a new worker, there is an initial hold period before rewards are transferred to your earnings balance. Your rewards are held until you are active in the Amazon Mechanical Turk for at least 10 days, starting from the day you submit your first HIT. After this initial holding period, you will be able to transfer money from your earnings balance by going to the earnings page. You have just one transfer per calendar day.

What income limit must be included in my next scheduled transfer?

Your transfer balance includes earnings from HITs approved at least one day prior to the transfer date.

How do I schedule transfers to my bank account?

Go to your Account Settings page to manage your payment preferences and select your earnings transfer schedule. You have the option to schedule payments every 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. If you change your payout schedule or payment method (Amazon.com gift card or US bank account transfer), those changes will take effect on the next scheduled transfer.

American workers
You can transfer your money to your United State bank account or to an Amazon.com gift card.

International Non-US Workers
You can transfer earnings to an Amazon.com gift card. Eligible international workers also have the option to transfer their earnings to a US bank account.

How do I receive payments in the local currency of my country?

All profits from Amazon Mechanical Turk will be paid out in US dollars. For workers who qualify for the US bank account transfer option, you have the option of using third-party service providers such as Hyperwallet to receive payment in the local currency of your country. The third party service providers will transfer the earnings from your account with this service provider to your bank account in local currency. You can use a third-party service provider of your choice to transfer earnings from your US bank account to your local currency bank account. You will receive instructions on the earnings page (https://worker.mturk.com/earnings) when this transfer option is shown to you.

How do I add or confirm a new bank account?

If this is your first time transferring money to a bank account through MTurk, you will need to confirm your bank account information. If you wish to change your bank account information or if you are a new US employee, follow the instructions to enter bank routing and account numbers on the form provided.

What if you don’t want to transfer your earnings to your bank account?

If you don’t want to transfer your earnings to your bank account, you have the option to transfer your earnings to an Amazon.com gift card.

What is the bonus payment?

The bonus is an additional allocation of funds from the applicant. The claimant may elect to pay an award in addition to the award listed for completing the HIT. Bonuses are awarded at the discretion of the plaintiff and are usually paid to workers who do a particularly good job.

Tax information for US residents
Why am I required to sign up for Amazon Payments?

We use Amazon Payments to verify identity. We also require US workers to provide valid tax identification information when signing up for Amazon Payments. You must create an Amazon Payments account to operate on HITs, and your earnings may be subject to tax reporting with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Do I have to pay income taxes on the Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Please contact your accountant or tax preparer with any questions regarding taxes or your tax obligations.

Tax information for non-US residents
Why are you required to provide your tax information?

We require workers to provide valid tax identification information to comply with US tax reporting regulations governed by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service or “IRS”). The tax information interview collects the information needed to complete an IRS tax form (for example, an IRS Form W-8) that will be used to certify your non-US status, determine whether your income is subject to IRS reporting, and the US tax rate. The deduction (if any) applies to your income.

Can I work on HITs if I don’t submit my tax information?

no. We are required to gather this information before working on HITs in the Mechanical Turk marketplace.

I am a US citizen living outside the US and I get the message “Tax Status Not Supported”.
Unfortunately, Mechanical Turk does not currently support American people residing outside the United States.

If you mistakenly select “Yes” to the American interview question, please update your tax information. If you select “Yes” correctly, you can retake your tax interview if your situation changes.

What information should I provide during a tax information interview?

US tax status (US person or non-US person), name of the person who will report the income on the tax return, and permanent residence address.

What does electronic signature mean?

As part of the registration process, you must complete a tax information interview form. Consent to an electronic signature allows you to sign the form and send it to them electronically by checking the boxes, typing your name and typing the email address you use to access your account. There is no special hardware or software to introduce your electronic signature.

Do I need to agree to provide an electronic signature?

No, an electronic signature is not required. However, if you agree to electronic signature, you will be able to authenticate, sign and submit your form electronically by checking the boxes, entering your name and entering the email address you use to access your account.

How long does identity verification take?

In most cases, identity verification is an automated process that usually takes a few minutes. You will receive an email when the identity verification process is complete. If your identity cannot be verified automatically, you will need to provide your government ID for manual identity verification.

What happens if identity verification fails?

Once you begin the identity verification process, you must successfully verify your identity before you can work on MTurk. If automatic identity verification fails, you will see instructions to appeal the decision by uploading your identity documents for manual review. Workers who are unable to verify their identity will not be able to participate in the MTurk Marketplace.

How long does an identity verification call take via MTurk Secure Document Upload?

Our team of investigators will process the calls as quickly as possible. You will receive an email update on the status of your appeal.

What happens if it passes identity verification to upload my secure document?

If we can verify your identity, you can proceed with the worker registration process.

What happens if my secure document upload identity verification fails?

If we are unable to successfully verify your identity through MTurk Secure Document Upload, your account will be suspended.

How do you protect my data and privacy when using this service?

MTurk is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, where MTurk follows the same information security practices as Amazon. Any information that MTurk collects is subject to the Amazon Privacy Notice, you can read more here: https://www.mturk.com/privacy-notice.

MTurk key factor
What is a Turkish mechanical master?

The main factor is the best MTurk market worker who has a Turk Master Mechanic qualification. These workers have consistently shown a high degree of success in performing a wide range of striking blows to a large number of claimants. We use statistical models that analyze all workers against the multiple data points provided by the applicant and the market to make this decision. Some of the main categories of data considered to be conferred and maintain proficiency qualifications include a worker’s ability to deliver consistently high-quality results (as indicated by applicant approval rates and other relevant factors), length of time in the market and variety of work carried out. . Key workers have access to jobs that require a master’s qualification.

How can I obtain a master’s qualification?

Turk Mechanical awards the major qualification automatically based on statistical models that analyze worker performance based on multiple data points provided by the applicant and the market. Those who score highest on these key data points receive a Master’s qualification. Workers cannot apply for this status. To receive a master’s qualification, try assignments from a variety of applicants and consistently submit a lot of high-quality work.

Can a master’s qualification be withdrawn?

Yes, the Master’s qualification can be canceled if the worker’s performance declines and he no longer achieves the highest scores in the data points provided by the applicant and in the market, or if the worker breaches our participation agreement. If their main qualification for workers is revoked, they will have the opportunity to be promoted and will be eligible to regain their main qualification in the future.

Distinguished Qualifications
How can I participate in the Premium Qualifications benefit?

Applicants use premium qualifications to access contributions from workers best suited to their workloads. To become eligible to complete HITs that use Premium qualifications, workers can complete the HITs profile information provided here. Please note that some distinct qualifications are only available to workers in certain locations.

Do I need to fill out HITs profile information?

no. Providing information via HITs profile information is optional. You can fill in as much or as little profile information as you like. Some HITs are only available to workers who have completed the multiplying dozens of personal information stage.

Where can I see the profile information HITs have submitted?

Once your HITs profile information has been processed, which can take up to 30 days, you can view your associated Premium qualifications in the Qualifications tab.

How do I change or remove my Premium qualifications?

Amazon Mechanical Turk will periodically repost HITs of profile information. Workers can earn new Premium qualifications by changing their answers when HITs resume profile information. If at any time you would like to remove any of your premium qualifications, please contact them and we will remove you from that premium qualification.

How does Amazon Mechanical Turk use hits from my profile information?

We use your profile information, HIT Responses, to associate your Premium Qualifications with your Worker ID, so that HITs can be made available to an applicant requiring these Premium Qualifications. We will not use this information for any purpose (including marketing) without your consent. You may contact us at any time to opt out of premium qualifications and revoke your consent for us to use the profile information you have provided.

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