The 15 highest-paid volleyball coaches in college

The 15 highest-paid volleyball coaches in college

University volleyball coaches in the United States and some other countries are well rewarded with good wages and other benefits similar to those enjoyed by other famous professions. They are among the best paid in the industry.

Being a professional volleyball player comes with a lot of sacrifices and obligations, which is understandable.

Volleyball is a fascinating sport enjoyed by people all over the world. There are teachers and mentors in every field, but in sports their teachers are called coaches. There are few coaches around the world, but only a few are well rewarded in the sport of volleyball.

In this article, we will focus on the top-paid university volleyball coaches among other career information. Stay with us.

About volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, with leagues for children and adults available nationwide and worldwide.

In the United States, girls and boys as young as ten are allowed to start playing, while adult leagues are designed for both men and women, at both recreational and competitive levels.

The first thing to consider when choosing a career in sports of any level, for both kids and adults, is whether the future coach enjoys working with people. Anyone interested in coaching should have good communication skills as well as patience to work with players of all skill levels.

Volleyball is a fun sport, but it can be difficult for coaches to cope with the problems they face. In addition, great distinctions are due to coaches who educated the best volleyball players in the world.

Most coaches start out as volunteers by learning different coaching tactics and seeing that more experienced coaches run programs as the coaching progresses.

In addition, there are volleyball coaches assistants who assist the head volleyball coach. 

Volleyball assistant coaches play an important role in managing a volleyball team. 

 The assistants follow the team guidance given by the head coach but bring their own personality and expertise to the role.

They have a good game experience so they can understand what it’s like to play the game and what methods can help the team win.

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What skills are required by college’s highest-paid volleyball coaches?

Working as a college coach requires a wide range of skills that allow for positive interpersonal relationships between coaches and athletes. Some of the skills a university trainer needs include:

  • Communication skills, 
  • Competitive mentality, 
  • Striving for success, 
  • Volleyball knowledge,
  • First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certifications are required by most organizations.

While there is no formal graduation requirement, having a high school diploma is beneficial.

All coaches must pass a background check and have IMPACT, CAP and Judge certificates. Working as a coach is more a passion and interest.

Are the volleyball coaches well paid?

You may think if they are being paid well? Well, yes, university coaches earn good money. 

When it comes to being a coach in high school or college, many coaches volunteer to “put your foot in the door” and then climb upstairs taking roles of assistant coach, working in freshman or university junior levels, and eventually by becoming the head coach of his own team.

Most high school coaches are paid per season, typically between $ 2,500 and $ 3,000, although university coaches can earn as much as $ 100,000 at top institutions across the country.

The average annual salary of a College volleyball coach in the United States is $ 42,286, $ 30 as of July 2021, XNUMX.

That is almost $ 20.33 per hour and is equivalent to $ 813 per week, or $ 3,524 per month.

Top 4 Reasons Why High School Volleyball Coaches Make So Much?

Volleyball coaches are one of the highly paid professions and the strength of their commitment is understandable. 

During the tournament, most coaches spend between 20 and 30 hours a week training, matches and traveling. If they find time to go to the game, some coaches may also scout their opponents.

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1. They dedicate their time and skills to raise the level of their universities.

One of the skills a college volleyball coach must possess is the ability to lead a sacrificial life, both convenient and uncomfortable.

2. Provide valuable exposure in their schools.

A professional college volleyball coach must have a lot of exposure to this topic. He needs to be able to clearly predict what other teams are doing better than his team.

3. Play is the same as work.

Since volleyball is a sport full of fun, the coach needs to be creative in his coaching skills to help his pupils learn faster and easier.

4. They are separated from their families for a time.

As I said before, a college volleyball coach has to live a self-sacrificing life, living away from his families most of the time.

Being a teacher on your own is a huge commitment, not just a school volleyball coach.

How much do school volleyball coaches earn?

Most volleyball assistant coaches at volunteer colleges spend their time, but some receive anywhere from $ 250 to $ 500 a month per season, and club team head coaches can earn as much as $ 1,000 per month per season.

High school coaches typically earn between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000, and top college coaches can earn over $ 100,000 on top programs, while smaller colleges pay less.

The head coach of women’s and men’s running teams earned $ 42,000 in 2016 in 2016, while the university volleyball coach was paid $ 42,000 a year.

In addition, the average annual salary of an assistant volleyball coach in the United States is $ 37,975 per year, according to a report generated as of August 3, 2021.

Highest paid college women’s volleyball coach

John G. Cook is the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team. He was born on April 19, 1956. 

He has twice won the National Coach of the Year AVCA award. Cook was head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers for seven seasons before coming to Nebraska. At that time, he had a record of 161–73.

Cook earned his BA in History from the University of San Diego in 1979. In 1991 he graduated from San Diego State University with an MA in Teaching and Coaching Effectiveness.

John Cook is currently the highest-paid women’s coach at the university, with a base salary of $ 600,000 to $ 575,000, surpassing $ 575,000 of head women’s basketball coach Amy Williams.

John Cook, the # 6 best coach in NCAA history, is the head coach of one of the most popular and powerful women’s college volleyball programs in the country. He has led the team to three national titles, four trips to the NCAA Finals, and six appearances to the NCAA Semifinals.

John Cook, head coach of the Nebraska women’s volleyball team, signed a contract extension that kept him in office from January 2021. Nebraska also awarded Cook a $ 144,000 raise, in addition to the new contract. Cook coached his squad for the fourth national championship in the program last December.

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The 15 best-paid volleyball coaches in the world

Volleyball coach positions can be rewarding for people who are dedicated and passionate about the sport. Some trainers benefit from their voluntary work.

There are many reasons that contribute to the salary gap between volleyball coaches around the world.

In addition, as a volleyball coach, the rank varies, which affects the salary of each coach.

The top 15 highest-paid university volleyball coaches from around the world are listed below.

1. San Mateo, Kalifornia

Annual salary $ 52,133

Monthly wage of $ 4,344

Weekly payout of $ 1.003

Hourly wage of $ 25.06

2. Berkeley, California

Annual salary $ 50,365  

Monthly Wage $ 4,197

Weekly payout of $ 969

Hourly wage of $ 24.21

3. Daly City, California

Annual salary $ 50,224

Monthly wage of $ 4,185

Weekly payout of $ 966

Hourly wage of $ 24.15

4. Richmond, California 

Annual salary $ 48,909

Monthly wage of $ 4,076

Weekly payout of $ 941

Hourly wage of $ 23.51

5. Stamford, Connecticut

Annual salary $ 47,624

Monthly wage of $ 3,969

Weekly payout of $ 916

Hourly wage of $ 22.90

6. Bellevue, Washington

Annual salary $ 47,495

Monthly wage of $ 3,958

Weekly payout of $ 913

Hourly wage of $ 22.83

7. San Francisco, Kalifornia 

Annual salary $ 47,085

Monthly wage of $ 3,924

Weekly payout of $ 905

Hourly wage of $ 22.64

8. Brooklyn, New York

Annual salary $ 46.761

Monthly wage of $ 3,897

Weekly payout of $ 899

Hourly wage of $ 22.48

9. Lakes, AK

Annual salary $ 46,568

Monthly wage of $ 3,881

Weekly payout of $ 896

Hourly wage of $ 22.39

10. Knik-Fairview, AK

Annual salary $ 46,509

Monthly wage of $ 3,876

Weekly payout of $ 894

Hourly wage of $ 22.36

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11. California

Annual salary $ 45,199

Monthly wage 3, 766

Weekly payout of $ 869

Hourly wage of $ 22.34


Annual salary $ 41,896

Monthly wage $ 3,491

Weekly payout of $ 805

Hourly wage of $ 21.9

13. Maryland

Annual salary $ 43,266

Monthly wage 3, 605

Weekly payout of $ 832

Hourly wage of $ 21

14. South Carolina

Annual salary $ 42,688

Monthly wage 3, 557

Weekly payout of $ 820

Hourly wage of $ 20

15. Vermont

Annual salary $ 40,884

Monthly wage 3, 407

Weekly payout of $ 786

Hourly wage of $ 20

Frequently asked questions about the volleyball coaches with the highest stakes

Who is the women’s volleyball coach at Stanford?

On January 30, 2017, Kevin Hambly became the sixth head coach of the program in his history. In 2021, he began his fifth season as head coach at Stanford and finished 13th overall.

How much do university volleyball coaches earn?

The average annual salary of a volleyball coach in the United States is $ 42,286 per year.

Did Russ Rose play volleyball?

Rose received her BA from George Williams College in 1975.
He was a member of the volleyball team that won the national championship of the Intercollegiate Athletics Union (NAIA) in 1974.
He captained the second team to a two-year university record of 52-5, writing his thesis on volleyball statistics.

How Much Did John Cook Earn?

Cook earns $ 675,000 a year in Nebraska, where he won four national championships.

How can I be a good volleyball coach?

Here are some volleyball coaches’ suggestions:
In practice, be active, not passive. Workouts should be conducted at a fast pace to get the best results.
Effective communication is essential.
Exercises and fights should be linked.
Encourage proper exercise.
Don’t forget to stretch your muscles.
Get organized.
Make exercise fun.

Is training volleyball a good job?

Yes, this is one of the highest paying jobs.

What are the basic volleyball skills?

The six basic volleyball skills players should learn first are:
Blocking, and 


Each profession is different in its own way and no job is truly rewarding. Commitment and the acquisition of the necessary skills help to reach the top of any profession.

For example, the median income of a sports coach in 2019 was $ 44,910.

In 2019, the typical salary for comparable jobs was $ 65,930, $ 63,550 a year for high school teachers, $ 51,030, $ 36,830 a year for middle school teachers, $ 3,000 a year for child and family social workers, and $ 3,000 a year for recreation and leisure workers. fitness.

School volleyball coaches are among the best paid positions and salaries vary by location.

The chances of financial success as a high school volleyball coach appear to be endless, and the average earnings at the top 15 best-paid colleges are higher than the national average.